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     Alberta ‘Hate Speech’ Trial      

H ello. My name is Loki Hulgaard, and I have been charged with "public incitement of hatred" under Canadian Law for distribution of leaflets and stickers exposing Jewish supremacism and the attempted genocide of the White Race. The police have taken approximately $2,000.00 of physical cash stamped “Jewish White Genocide” and referring to the statistical website "" as part of the evidence for the case. Unfortunately this was all the money I had and am now in conditions of financial hardship. They also took approximately $2,000.00 worth of firearms and ammunition that I had stockpiled for survival purposes, as well as 4 computers, 4 external hard drives and several SD and USB memory sticks. I am currently in the pre-trial phase, and have need of a competent lawyer to present my case. Please publicize this case as much as you can to help me fight for our freedom of speech. Moral support and donations to assist with basic needs are welcome and can be sent via the links on the right, or directly to

Thank you,

- Loki

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